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Display rack guide

Display racks are widely used by doctor’s offices, schools, businesses, trade shows and more. Display racks can hold a wide variety of products. Some display racks hold either brochures, magazines, pamphlets or all at once.
Some display racks stand on floors, hang on walls, sit on counters and more. Display racks are also made from several types of materials and are available in several distinct colors.
There are several types of display racks available. You will want to read through this guide and decide what is best for you.
Display racks are available in different sizes and dimensions. You will want to determine exactly what you need to display. Will you be displaying brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, magazines or business cards? Will you need to display more than one size of literature?
You will also want to find out how much room you have available in your office or room. Pictures can often be deceiving. You will want to make sure the dimensions of the display rack will fit your room. We sell floor models, countertop models, wall hanging models and more.
Take a look at your room. Determine what color scheme you are looking for. Many of our display racks are available in different colors. Color samples are available upon request. If you cannot decide on a color, a clear display may be what you are looking for. We also sell rotating display racks that spin around 360 degrees.
You will want to look at what your future needs may be. You don’t want to purchase a display rack only to discover six months later that you need more room for additional material.


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