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How to make beautiful acrylic product?

When merchandise manufactures are making acrylic products, they always met with some difficulties, especially in the most important aspects, for example, when bonding acrylic products, bubbles exist in acrylic products; some of these produces even appear whitish phenomenon. This will not only affect appearance can also affect the sales, so   what happened and what made this situation? Here, Guangzhou Aoxiang display will show you the detailed answer.
1.How to choose an adhesive.If the manufacturer to use cheap glue in order to reduces the cost, this will not only reduce the produce value and you will lose your customer after they use your produces. so how to chose the best adhesive must be based on the conditions of their own factories, customer requirements, quantity, etc. Whatever you chose, remember this: what you chose for your acrylic produces, it plays a key role for your acrylic products.
2.Bonding techniques.When joining together 2 pieces of acrylic, Your surface should be concrete, metal or wood. Do not glue acrylic on a surface containing glass or paper. Examine the edges of the acrylic that you want to join are flat and clean, Wipe the edges of the acrylic with a clean cloth and alcohol, after fill you adhesive, maintain pressure on the acrylic to be joined. Use your hands or a clamp to hold the pieces together.
Except theses, there also are many other tips you can use. For example, while bonding, we can use with a plastic scraper scraping, it can reduce bubbles, but be careful not to scratch the product. Use blowing device dry the water-based paint, but do not use it directly, the surface water of rapid volatile could also caused whitish. We can put it in the distance. and do not let your product under the direct sunlight, it  can also cause the product to yellow and so on.
Acquire the above methods and techniques, I believe you will become better in manufacturing process, of course, beautiful appearance of acrylic products must also belong to you!


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