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what's acrylic and who discover it ?

” Acrylic”, it is one of chemical material .In the field of chemistry ,known as “PMMA”, this kind of alkyl alcohol ,we also called it as “processed organic glass”. and actually we can often seen all kind of these produces in our daily life, it was widely used in advertising industry ,furniture industry ,handicraft industry .why it is particularly popular ?because it has many advantages , clear transparent ,and light transmittance which can reach 90%,that’s also why professionals call it “the crown of plastic ””crystal plastic ” .and acrylic produce can always stand the weather changes ,and easy to shape ,it can be made into various shape and color under customers different requirements , people characterize  it as the best modern new material .
Acrylic is a clear plastic that looks like glass, but has properties that make it better than glass in many ways. Trace the history of acrylic,
Acrylic compounds began to be synthesized in the mid 19th century, but it was German chemist  Otto Röhm  who actually brought the practical potential of these materials to light. In 1901, Röhm published his dissertation on the polymerization products of acrylic acid. In 1915, Röhm secured a German patent for polyacrylic ester as a paint binder for use in drying oils in industrial paints and lacquers. In these early years, acrylic resins were primarily intended for industrial use.
Later, people are more creative, they put all kinds of stains into organic glass ,the monotony of organic glass aggregate into all kinds of colored glass, there also some others put fluorspar pearl powder, pearl powder into it, transfer it into fluorescent organic glass, Pearlescent Perspex and so on.
So this is the development origin of the acrylic.


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